Important Advices

Important advices and those coming to the Republic of Azerbaijan

At the outset, the Embassy of the State of Qatar welcomes you to the Republic of Azerbaijan and wishes you a happy stay.

 If you decide to visit the Republic of Azerbaijan, you should follow the following basic guidelines, which will make your stay more comfortable and summarized as follows:

·      Please abide by the laws of the country and respect the rules of transit at airports and border points.
Holders of diplomatic and special passports do not need a visa to enter the Republic of Azerbaijan for a period of thirty days.

·      - Holders of ordinary passports can obtain a visa on arrival  only  to Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku,  Those wishing to enter through other official outlets must obtain an electronic visa in advance on the following link:,  fill out the visa form and pay the fee - US $ 26 only .
 Please note that the validity of the visa is 30 days. If your stay in Azerbaijan exceeds 15 days, you must register at the Department of Immigration and Passports through hotels or tourist offices. In case of violation of immigration laws two or three times during the last three years, they will be barred from entering Azerbaijan for five years.

·      The customs declaration form must be completed before the foreign currency and negotiable securities inspection, which is worth more than US $ 10,000. Failure to disclose this will expose the holder to legal liability. Upon departure, he will not be allowed to issue any amount except as stated in the statement Customs duties.

·      The entry of more than 600 cigarettes (30 packets) for the personal use of every adult under the age of 18 years is prohibited.

·      The removal of carpets from the Republic of Azerbaijan requires obtaining the certificate of special permit from the shops selling carpets directly issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

·      Not allowed to take out more than 125gr of caviar per person.

·      Prevent the removal of animal and plant animals and endangered birds.

·      It should be noted that the Embassy of the State of Qatar to the Republic of Azerbaijan bears no responsibility for all cases of violations of the laws in force in the Republic of Azerbaijan, including the process of replacing falcons or attempting to illegally enter or remove them from Azerbaijan.

·      The President of Azerbaijan issued a ban on smoking in public places in the country. Therefore, please adhere and smoke only in the designated places

·      It is forbidden to pledge passports or identity cards to any of the cars rental companies and to give them only a copy of the identity

·      In the event of any problem, please contact the embassy on the emergency numbers shown.

General guidelines

  • Qatari citizens should avoid traveling to Armenia or the occupied territories of Azerbaijan by Armenian forces, so their names not to be on a blacklist at the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan as non-grata personas.
  • Qatari citizens should avoid presence near or in the vicinity of demonstrations, or rallies organized by political parties or others.
  • In case of stay for a long time in Azerbaijan Qatari citizens have to register their residency permit request at the Embassy, ​​so that the Embassy can communicate with them in case of any emergency.
  • Visitors to Azerbaijan Republic have to be careful and not frequenting shady places and walking alone late at night.
  • Local laws are very strict with regard to the trade and drug abuse, breach of security and public order. Since the courts give very harsh penalties and sentences for those who are proven guilty, of the citizens or visitors, so tourists must respect the local laws and do not contradict them.


Important disclaimer

Qatari Embassy in the Republic of Azerbaijan as the official party remains firmly committed to respecting the laws, administrative regulations, and financial systems in the state, as well as bound by international law. Therefore, to respect the laws and abide by the customs and regulations of the Republic of Azerbaijan keep away the Qatari citizens from having many problems and make them appreciated and respected by all, as well as enhance the reputation of their homeland. We would like to emphasize that the Qatari embassy stands ready to provide all possible assistance to the Qatari citizens and visitors within the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The Embassy of the State of Qatar does not assume any responsibility or whatsoever for the professionalism and quality of services provided by the institutions listed on the site, and the information contained in the site related to the legal and judicial affairs is general information only.


How to communicate with the embassy in case of emergency

  • The Embassy is ready to assist and support the Qatari citizens who are facing emergencies throughout the twenty-four hours.
  • Following situations could be regarded as emergencies:
    • Death, injury or illness, loss of financial resources necessary to return, the disappearance or the arrest of a Qatari citizen.
    • What to do when a person loses his passport during his visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan? To alert that the passport is the most important document that should be protected from loss or damage, especially while traveling outside the country, and therefore it must be kept safe. Accordingly, when a Qatari citizen lost his passport during his visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan, he must report to the Embassy of Qatar in Baku and the Embassy will take necessary actions to assist. As for the citizen, he has to apply to the Passport Office after returning home and complete the statutory procedures followed in such cases.


Registration at the embassy

What is the benefit of the passport registration at the Embassy?

  • Registration helps to provide care and protection for an applicant.
  • Registration ensures a permanent and direct relationship with the Embassy of Qatar in Baku.
  • Registration facilitates the Embassy’s connection with an applicant in an emergency situation or undesirable cases.
  • Registration builds a connection between an applicant and his homeland.